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1.     Introduction

1.1    We understand that from time to time you may experience issues with your device within the warranty-covered date.

1.2    We have created this policy to enable you to obtain a device in perfect condition in appropriate circumstances.

1.3    This policy shall apply to all of our customers, irrespective of their geographical location.

1.4    This policy shall apply to all orders submitted through our website.

2.     Warranty and service

2.1    The warranty is asserted when the received product does not work flawlessly or does not have the features specified in the warranty card or advertising message, or when a product defect appears within the first 12 months from the date of purchase. The seller undertakes that the errors will be resolved accordingly to section 5.3, or corrected accordingly to section 5.4.

2.2    The seller will process issues of Section 5.4 within 45 days following the day we receive your returned product. The seller will send spare part of Section 5.3 within 7 days of identifying the issue.

2.3    If the seller fails to provide the buyer with a solution within 45 days, the seller will replace the product with an identical, new and flawless product free of charge.

2.4    The seller offers a guarantee for all products. The warranty for all-electric vehicles applies to the battery, electronic components and motors. The chassis and body are not covered by the warranty. Also not parts that are subject to wear and tear (such as tires, lights, etc.). The warranty is not taken into account when it comes to mechanical damage to the device or damage originating from mechanical damage to the device. Failure to follow the instructions for use, storage and maintenance can lead to the exclusion of the warranty.

2.5    The warranty does not exclude the consumer’s rights arising from the seller’s responsibility for product defects.

3.     Warranty Statement

3.1    The seller declares:

(a)    that the product will function flawlessly during the 12-month warranty period when used in accordance with its purpose and instructions for use,

(b)    that at your request, within the warranty period and approved warranty request, the seller will take care of the elimination of defects and deficiencies on the product at their own expense.

(c)    that the seller is not qualified to make a technical assessment regarding possible defects and thus cannot decide on replacing the product without the opinion of the importer’s technical service.

(d)    guarantees quality or faultless operation during the warranty period, which begins when the goods are delivered to the consumer.

3.2    The warranty conditions are:

(a)    when making a warranty request, you must submit the order number, a certified warranty card, the original purchase invoice (or a copy of both);
– that the product was not tampered with by a person who did not have the authority to do so;
– that the buyer (user) handled and used the device according to the attached instructions:

(b)    the buyer must report visible defects on the device within 8 days of purchase;

(c)    during the warranty period, only Engwe’s technicians are the authorized service center for issues from section 5.4;
– that the warranty stickers and seals are not damaged or removed;
– The battery is charged and discharged at least every 30 days.

(d)    during the warranty period, any service center or user is authorised for the maintenance of easy issues from section 5.3;

(e) the issue accused within 12 months of the date of receiving the product,

4.    The warranty does not apply:

4.1    The warranty service does not apply to parts that are subject to wear and tear and external influences (tubes, casing, tires, bearings…).

4.2    The warranty is also not taken into account due to improper setting and handling of the device, mechanical defects, defects due to unprofessional, negligent handling of the product, any unauthorized intervention in the device, if the defect occurred due to the use of unsuitable consumables if non-original parts were installed in the device parts, due to excessive voltage of electric current, force majeure, lightning strike, battery drain, improper cleaning of products or its parts, and ingress of liquid into the device.

4.3    Before handing the device over for service, it must be cleaned of all impurities.
In cases of improper use, use of force, and interventions that were not carried out by an authorized service, the warranty does not apply. This warranty does not limit your legal rights.

4.4    The product is intended exclusively for personal use and not for commercial purposes.

5.     Warranty process:

5.1    In order to take advantage of your rights under this policy, you must contact us to obtain a return authorisation number, and then place a covering note quoting that number on the product. Fill out this document, sign it and send it to us over the contact form or email.
Download (.pdf) Warranty Claim Form

5.2    in the Warranty Claim Form, fill in the following information: the date of purchase, order number, model of the item, detailed description of the error, name, surname, address, and telephone number, or fill out the form in its entirety.

5.3    due to the nature of the device and online purchases, easy repairs that are estimated to take 10 – 30 minutes, will be resolved by sending a free spare part to the buyer’s address with video instructions on how to replace the part that is causing issues. In addition, 30,00 EUR will be refunded to the buyer. Such repairs consist of but are not limited to;

(a)    replacement of the front led light, rear light, pedals, brake levers, front and rear fenders, kickstand, fender holders, battery holder, crank,

(b)    adjustment of gear derailleur, braking power, handlebar, speed limit/ display unit/ ODO,

(c)    replacement of the display unit, display controller, controller unit, throttle, battery connector, front/ middle/ rear axles, front fork

5.4    all malfunctions that are not covered by section 5.3, and are considered hard-to-fix issues, will be repaired exclusively by the service team of By picking up the bike at the buyer’s address, repairing it in Engwe’s service centre and sending it in perfect condition back to the buyer, free of charge. Such repairs consist of but are not limited to;

(a)    replacement of the battery circuit board, battery charging port, power corn, rear motor hub with inner elements,

(b)   replacement of freewheel cassettes, pedelec sensors,

5.5    the seller, in agreement with the buyer, organizes the collection of the product at the buyer’s address of issues under section 5.4. The buyer is obliged to carefully pack the goods accordingly to section 6. and prepare them for collection. Collections are carried out by the contracted courier service.

5.6    seller or the authorized service technician examines the item and determines whether it is a repair within the warranty or another repair

5.7    informs the customer about this in a timely manner

6.     Instructions for correctly submitting the package

6.1    The device must be packed well and securely so that it is not damaged during transport. Pack it in the original packaging or other suitable and shock-resistant packaging. The courier service does not know the contents of the package, so sometimes the package is handled roughly. In order to avoid damage to the product, it is necessary to protect the device inside the package with a soft film so that it is not damaged even in the event of a fall or rough handling. The contents should be in a cardboard box, in which the contents of the shipment should be separated between the cardboard with honeycomb, corrugated cardboard or polyvinyl with bubbles, and the contents of the box should be filled. The package must be packaged and protected to the extent that the contents can withstand a fall from the belt, which means a fall from 1m.

6.2    The seller takes no responsibility for damages that occurred during the transport of the device and are considered to have occurred before the device was sent to service.

6.3    We recommend that you take a photo of the packaging before submitting the package. The sender of the package is responsible for damage caused by improper packaging or insufficient protection of the device inside the package.

6.4    Coordinate the exact date of collection of the product with the service. In the case of a device within the warranty period, and approved warranty, the postage is covered by

6.5    Postage for out-of-warranty repairs or unapproved warranty is invoiced to the customer. If the device is no longer under warranty, a device inspection fee of 35,00 € and postage in both directions, in the same amount as the originally charged shipping cost, will be charged.

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