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Gtwo G2 ULTRA (EU STOCK) • Next Generation Off-Road E-bike (Spoke wheels)

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Gtwo G2 ULTRA is the new and upgraded version of Gtwo’s well-established top seller G2 Pro. The difference is first and foremost in ULTRA’s advanced full front and rear suspension mechanism. G2 ULTRA wins in off-road popularly!

G2 ULTRA could easily take place as the world’s best off-road e-bike by considering the quality-to-price ratio. ULTRA was engineered and developed to satisfy and exceed the expectations of beginners in the e-bike world as well as professional cyclists. Many proud Gtwo users around the world are returning only exciting and positive feedback about the bikes’ gorgeous looks and excellent riding qualities.

Limited EU Stock
Delivery time EU: 7 – 10 days
Delivery time other: 25 – 39 days


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Gtwo G2 ULTRA • Next Generation Off-Road e-Bike is Build with Exceptional Quality

Gtwo G2 ULTRA is, unlike its popular predecessor G2 Pro, equipped with full front and rear suspension, for the most amazing off-road experience. G2 ULTRA is one of the most attractive off-road electric bicycles in 2022! What are the most outstanding facts about Gtwo G2 ULTRA in Black color?

The e-bikes advantage is first and foremost in advanced full front and rear suspension mechanisms. Other largest advantages are futuristic looks, a long-lasting battery, and a competitive brushless motor. The water-protected battery is innovatively placed inside the durable aluminum frame while still allowing to remove or secure it easily with key-lock safety features. An ergonomically designed frame with front shock absorption is allowing the ride to be smooth while always keeping the cyclist’s spine in a correct cycling position.  Speed, battery level, modes, and distance can always be seen or easily changed on the bike’s screen. Choose the pedal mode, pedal-assist mode, or full-electric mode with 5 different levels of pedal assistance. The G2 ULTRA version comes with a 350W motor, a Shimano 21-speed shifter and disc brakes system, with the option to upgrade to Hydraulic brake

Shock Absorbing Double Suspension E-Bike

The full suspension Gtwo G2 ULTRA e-ebike provides superb shock absorption. Constructed with four rods linked with four shafts, which adapt to the bike movements to provide desirable shock absorption function. The high-strength front suspension fork has a lock function, while the rear suspension offers tremendous shock absorption to make the cycling experience comfortable to a whole next level.

Removable Battery Pack For Easy Charging Options!

With good battery life, you get up to 1500 recharging cycles without negatively affecting the battery. The small, lightweight but highly-capable 48V 9.6Ah Panasonic battery pack can be removed for a recharge or you can recharge while it’s mounted on the Gtwo e-bike. Enjoy a 40-70 km traveling range on pedal-assist mode or a 20-30 km cruising range on full-electric mode on a single recharge.

Three Interchangeable Riding Modes

Commute, cruise, or workout with three riding mode options: electric mode, manpower mode, and pedal-assist mode. Manpower mode makes it a regular manual bike; Electric mode makes you completely electrify the cruise past crowds, and pedal-assist mode simply amplifies your pedaling efforts. Supplemented with an accurate power sensing system, it adjusts immediately to vehicle riding mode status immaculately. A smooth power output lets you cruise with minimal jerks and bumps.

Spoke Tires for Everyday Bike rides

Gtwo G2 PRO Spoke Wheels RimsFlexible spoke rims add extra points to the e-bikes’ durability. An additional advantage of spoke rims is the easy repair in case of minor damage. With 27.5 inches tires, cyclists will experience a safe, balanced ride. While the double-walled rims strengthen the wheels adding to their durability.

Powerful Initial Rear Motor Boost for Easy Start

On pedal-assist mode, the highly calibrated sensors subsequently power up the rear motor automatically, which makes marching the stationary bike as easy as a breeze

Lightweight, Balanced, and Smart Design

As lightweight as 22kg, this aluminum-framed sleek G2 ULTRA is an absolute stunner. Unlike other e-bikes, it ingeniously hides the battery and cables inside the frame for a nifty, crisp appeal to the eye.

Gtwo G2 ULTRA Offers Ergonomic Design for Better Posture

The ergonomically designed saddle increases the comfort of your seat to allow maintaining the right posture and reducing pressure on the backbone. 

350W Motor With Pedal Assist & Throttle

Mounted in the rear wheel is a rear hub industry-competitive electric 350W motor. The higher the motor power, the more forceful the ride will be. There is almost no need for pedaling as G2 has a throttle. While on pedal-assist mode, cyclists can combine the gear and motor power to ride on different terrains.

Incredible Shimano 21 Speeds Gears

With the Shimano 21-speed derailleur and a lockable suspension front fork, cyclists can finally experience a smoother ride like never before. The speed limitation tops out at 25km/h, which is a legal riding speed in the EU.

Advanced Disc Brake/ Hydraulic Brake System

With the brilliantly functional front and rear disc brake / Hydraulic brake system, the braking distance is minimal. As a result, the e-bike skids lesser and stops faster at high speeds.

Innovative Gtwo G2 Multifunctional LCD Display

Gtwo G2 PRO ScreenStay updated with the riding data such as battery level, speed, odometer, distance traveled, and more super-conveniently. Select between the 3 riding modes and 5 levels of pedal assistance as per the riding terrain.

Sleek, Sturdy, and Classic Design of Gtwo G2 ULTRA

There is no doubt that Gtwo G2 ULTRA is winning cyclists hears due to its futuristic while still reflecting the classic mountain e-bike outlook. For the nifty riders, the electric cables are well-concealed while the open surface allows to easily wash away the mud and dust in a second. 

The Gtwo G2 ULTRA kit includes:

  •  G2 ULTRA e-bike with battery
  •  Two keys for battery removal
  •  Front and read fender
  •  Tools to assemble the e-bike
  •  Gratis gift bike lock
  •  Instruction Manual in the English language

Don’t Forget!

Additional information

Weight 24 kg
Dimensions 138 × 23 × 78 cm

48V350W • EU Stock • Brushless Rear Motor

3 Modes

Pedal Assist Mode, Full Electric Mode, Manual Mode


48V9.6AH Panasonic Removable Battery


48V Intelligent, 5-Level Assist


Intelligent Multifunctional LCD Display, Display Battery Status, Speed, Trip Distance & Modes.


Aluminum Alloy




Shimano 21 speeds

Max. Speed

25km/ h (Adjustable According to Law Regulation)


40-70 km per Charging by Pedal Assist Mode
20-30 km per Charging by Full Electric Mode


Front and Rear Disc brakes, Hydraulic brake

Front Fork

Lockable Spring Suspension


Front and Rear Suspension



Wheel Type

Spoke Wheels

Rider Height

27.5 Inches: Best for 165-190 cm

Max Load

120 kg

Net Weight

20 kg

1 review for Gtwo G2 ULTRA (EU STOCK) • Next Generation Off-Road E-bike (Spoke wheels)

  1. T-Rex Biker

    When I was ordering this model was not available yet. Too bad, only few weeks after my arrival, i see this bike that I want more than my g2 pro

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